Our media strategy is simple.

Our Media strategy is to get our clients the most for less. The bigger the audience doesn’t mean the best. Our approach is to get the audience that fits your product and not make you spend money on a larger audience that cannot or will not buy your goods or services.

Why make it harder for our clients to qualify leads when their advertising can do it for them?

  • Research the media markets that correspond with the campaign area.
  • Research the key target demographic based on Nielson numbers as well as station Analytics.
  • Identifying special populations that need to be reached, including minority populations and rural audiences.
  • Preparing media plans with the recommended media mix and budget allocation.
  • Negotiating and placing media buys upon approval of the media plan.
  • Reconciling and verifying media placement to ensure all buys aired/ran as placed.
  • Research and explore to find different avenues to reach audiences. that appeal to a public service type advertising, i.e. Weather Sponsorship on TV and Radio.
  • Our biggest strategy is doing the research it takes to make sure that we get our clients the biggest audience that fits their demographic for the least amount of money.